Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed

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February 14 - August 24, 2014
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
The Museum is open seven days a week year-round.


$5/student (includes Museum admission), 1 free adult/10 students, $5/additional adult. 


Minimum 10 students, 1 adult required


Location: Level 3

The ancient Maya are one of the most complex and advanced civilizations of the ancient world, well known for their monumental architecture and distinctive art styles, their intricate knowledge of astronomy and time-reckoning, their complex political organization headed by royal dynasties, and their writing systems, some of the most sophisticated in the ancient world. Although much is known about the Maya elite, popular information about their working classes is less accessible. Recent archaeological discoveries have begun to shed more light on everyday domestic life and the relationships of non-elites to the ruling class.

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed will explore the fascinating social, natural and spiritual realms of the ancient Maya through the eyes of powerful kings and queens and the lesser-known people who were the backbone of Maya society.

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is the largest exhibition about the ancient Maya ever to be displayed in the United States. Through a combination of never-before-seen artifacts, hands-on activities, and immersive environments—including re-creations of an underworld cave, the starry night sky, and a vibrantly colored mural room—visitors will explore the rise and eventual decline of this fascinating culture’s ancient cities.

Several items from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science collections are traveling with the exhibition, including a polychrome plate and vessel, a funerary urn, an incense burner, and much more. The exhibition will be the first in the Museum’s new Anschutz Gallery—which will adjoin the current Phipps Gallery for large exhibitions of this kind. The Anschutz Gallery is located in the Morgridge Family Exploration Center, part of the Museum’s new 126,000-square-foot addition.

For more background information on the Maya, view our recorded webinar.


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