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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is collaborating with teachers and students to bring new S.T.E.A.M. activities to you! Transform your classroom to a wonderland of discovery by ordering a fully guided activity box or by bringing our magnificent Museum educators to you. These hands-on experiences, Facilitated by Us and Delivered to You, are complete with all the tools you need to fuel your students’ passion and curiosity for nature and science and challenge them to imagine possibilities, experiment, build, and solve mysteries together.


Booking for the 2017/2018 school year is now available:




Facilitated by Us

Let the Denver Museum of Nature & Science come to you!  Our magnificent Museum educators will transform your classroom and take your adventurers on an unforgettable journey. This 45 minute program will fuel your students’ passion and curiosity for nature and science - challenging them to experiment, play, and solve mysteries together.  We’ll bring everything needed to make this a meaningful and memorable educational experience. These facilitated experiences tie to grade-level standards with an emphasis on the Next Generation Science and Engineering Practices.


Missiontomars 225

Mission to Mars, Grade 3–6 

Blast off on a journey of discovery and make room for a space station orbiting Mars, transporting your classroom of young astronauts. This transformation will challenge your group to use their team work, critical thinking, and artistic skills to solve problems, perform an extra-vehicular activity, and design the future of space travel. Your Mars mission takes science, arts, and math to a new stratosphere! Junior astronauts will be left feeling inspired by human ingenuity and the universe around them. 

Wild Senses

Wild Senses, Pre-k–Grade 2  

We’ll transform your room into a natural wonderland begging to be explored. Your little learners take on animal behaviors to experience the natural world around them, as animals would. Kids smell out their food like a squirrel, hunt in the dark like a raccoon, and use infrared detection to see prey like a snake. An adventurous Denver Museum of Nature & Science educator will guide these explorers as they experience adaptation and senses first hand through animals’ wild senses. This program will amaze and delight your animals—er, kids—with pretend play and fun, educational activities.  

Invisibleforces 225

Invisible Forces: A Physics Challenge, Grade 4–8 grade  

Race against the clock and use the invisible forces all around us to uncover mysterious codes and secrets! Your classroom will become a physics laboratory where students will build, experiment, complete hands on challenges, and reveal the physics behind sound waves, air pressure, light, and electricity. Let the adventure begin!




Delivered to You

From the Denver Museum of Nature & Science right to your doorstep!  We’re delivering extraordinary experiences when you and your kids want them. We’ve got everything covered— we will deliver an activity box filled with imaginative, hands on activities, complete with all the tools you’ll need. It’s simple: just choose the theme, arrival date, and number of learners, and voilà! A fully curated experience is yours to discover! These delivered experiences tie to grade-level standards with an emphasis on the Next Generation Science and Engineering Practices. 


Poweredbynature 225

Powered By Nature, Grades 4–8  

Harness the power of Colorado’s natural resources in this game of geographic discovery and real-world ingenuity. Complete design challenges related to energy use, water conservation, or sustainability. Inspire your group to design Colorado’s future.


Built to Fly, Grade 2–5

Discover the marvels of natural engineering! Explore the secrets of nature’s best fliers as your students build gliders and experiment with wing structures inspired by insects, birds and bats. Imaginations will soar as your students learn about flight through this hands-on design challenge.

Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds of Colorado, Grades 2–5

From tropical rainforests to saltwater shores—surprise, discovery, and creativity await!

Dig into Colorado’s past using the scientific process as the Museum’s paleontologists and geologists do. Analyze evidence and iconic discoveries, and create simulations of Colorado’s lost worlds where dinosaurs once roamed. 




Not finding what you're looking for? Try our Distance Learning program: Virtual Science Academy. To reach a qualified outreach booking specialist by phone, dial 303.370.6453.

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