Konovalenko: Gem Carvings of Russian Life - Hunter on the Mark

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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is pleased to announce the display of Hunter on the Mark, a gem-carving sculpture on loan from a private collection until mid-2016.

Hunter on the Mark is characterized by a dull color palette, reflecting the brutal conditions of a Russian winter, though there is some color in the man’s green glove, the red barrel of his rifle, and his banded obsidian pants. A close-up of the man’s face reveals a cold but well-rendered visage, including sapphire eyes, a gray mustache, and skin wrinkled by both time and the elements.

Hunter Man IV.2011-164-3.D

The whimsical surprise in Hunter on the Mark is seen in the back of the sculpture, where a rabbit silently hides. Note the flaws in the stone, used to indicate flaws in the rabbit’s fur along its left hind leg and just above the hip.

Hunter Rabbit IV.2011-164-6.D

 Images: Rick Wicker.

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