Genetics of Taste Goes National with PBS!

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By Nicole Garneau, PhD

What a great year it has been for us in the Genetics of Taste lab, and it seems others are taking notice. I returned to the office to find a wonderful present from Rebecca Jacobson, a science and technology reporter for PBS- an article about our study, the citizen scientists involved, and cool quotes from some great taste scientists! A very happy holiday indeed and a great jumping point for the new year.


From PBS NEWSHOUR online...
Science & Technology    Updated: Dec. 23, 2010, 11:57 a.m. ET
The Bitter Taste of Genetics
Cheek swabs, taste buds tests and tongues dyed blue -- it's all part of an experiment on taste genetics at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. Reporter Rebecca Jacobson took a test drive through the tasting process.

The Denver Museum of Science is running a volunteer-based experiment on taste and genetics.

"I think we have a taster! Maybe even a supertaster!"

That's what the Denver Museum of Science and Nature's curator of human health said, laughing, as I made a face. It was Thursday afternoon, and Nicole Garneau, the curator, and Patty Drever, a volunteer, had just swabbed my cheek and instructed me to lick a piece of bitter paper. Imagine black coffee grounds mixed with raw broccoli. To me, it tasted that bad.


To read more follow the link below...

From the Health Sciences Department at DMNS to you... Happy New Year!

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