High School Students Work in the Bison Beetle Project

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This Year's Teen Science Scholars Started at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

School's out for summer. So far a very rainy summer, but anyway. During summer break, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers one of the programs we are most proud of: The Teen Science Scholar Program. We offer high school students a summer internship to work with research and collections staff on ongoing research and collections projects. This is the real stuff, nothing is made up. The real stuff here in Entomology is dung, or rather dung beetles. We are in the midst of our field season of sampling dung beetles from bison and cattle dung for an eight-year project on the possible effects of bison re-introductions on the native dung beetle fauna. This Bison Beetle Project started in 2008, and we are now in our presumably last year. Allison Moon from Broomfield High School and Angelica Hayes from Standley Lake High School in Westminster are the selected Teen Science Scholars for this summer in Entomology. For the last three weeks, they have already been mounting thousands of dung beetles from our May sampling as the first step in the process of obtaining quantitative ecological data.

A video on the 2015 DMNS Teen Science Scholar Program can be seen here.

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