First North American Microlepidopterists' Meeting

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At the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

On July 5, 26 microlepidopterists and aficionados of micro-moths from North America and Europe came together at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to present results of ongoing reseach and discuss dissection and preparation methods for those tiny and fragile, nevertheless beautiful insects. The First North American Microlepidopterists' Meeting was hosted by entomology curator Frank Krell in the Ludlow-Griffith Zoology Workshop in the new Avenir Collections Center. The Museum is the appropriate place for this inauguraral meeting as David Bettman, one of the organizers, and Chris Grinter, one of the presenters, started the Colorado Microlepidoptera Survey here three years ago to enhance the knowledge of a very poorly known, diverse and speciose group of insects which most people don't even know exist. David presented newly found micromoths in Colorado with wonderful photographs. Talks spanned from DNA barcoding to collecting in Baja California. The program and abstracts of this meeting are published as Number 4 of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Reports. Thank you, David, Vazrick Nazari, and Todd Gilligan for organizing great meeting, to Mitchell Blystone for getting all the technology going, and to our office manager, Courtney Scheskie, for her, as always, invaluable support. The meeting is recorded and can be watched here (sorry for the gap at 1:25).

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