Megan Vogel collection donated to DMNS

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3668 insect specimens arrived safely in Denver

On 18 October Jeff Stephenson and Frank Krell drove from Denver to Helena, Montana, to collect a major donation (only to find out in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, that the gas gauge of the Museum vehicle didn't work). In Helena resides Dr. Bea Vogel, DMNS Research Associate and first president of the American Arachnological Society. Her daughter Megan, who passed away on 20 August from cancer, had donated her insect collection to the DMNS and had brought it to her mother's house. Bea handed the collection over to Jeff and Frank, together with all field notes and other documents. She accompanied Jeff and Frank back to the Museum, where she worked for a week with David Bettman to complement labels and reassociate data. The collection contains almost 3700 specimens of Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and other orders, including regional, Australian and Mexican material, and even some of the dung beetle specimens of the seminal studies of Kingston & Coe on dung beetle ecology of Tsavo, Kenya, that were discarded from the Oxford Museum because of infestation problems when Megan worked there. They join the DMNS world scarab collection and will soon be databased. We are grateful for this generous donation which contains a wealth of interesting species, and for Bea's invaluable help making sure that no information got lost. 

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