Big NSF grant for Entomology Collection

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National Science Foundation funds new cabinetry and a curatorial assistant

Great success for the DMNS Entomology Program! We received over $ 360.000 from NSF to support "Uncrowding, Rehousing, and Digitization of the Insect Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science" (DBI-1203367). This grant will provide for a curatorial assistant for three years (David Bettman) and for 138 new cabinets (made in U.S.A.!), helping to preserve and making accessible the almost 800,000 specimens in our collection. Specimen data will be made available through a newly developed web interface of our currently implemented database KEEmu. In 2014, all collections of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science will move into a new collections preservation facility which is currently under construction. The Entomology Collection will move directly into new cabinets. A new chapter in the over 100 year old history of our collection has begun.

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