42,200 insects donated by Eric Eaton

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Collection of author of Kaufman field guide now at DMNS

Last year, Eric Eaton, the author of the indispensable Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America, decided to donate his private insect collection to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The fruits of over 40 years collecting, 42,200 insects of different orders, mainly from the United States, were waiting for us in his home in Colorado Springs. On June 27, our collections manager, Jeff Stephenson, and I drove down to Eric's house where we found this extrordinary collection in wonderful condition, filling up an entire room (and then an entire van). While putting accession labels on that number of specimens and integrating them into our main collection will take some time, Eric's material is already worked on at DMNS and around the country. Research visitors during the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America worked on his beetles, and our associate Mike Weissmann started sorting out the flies. Eric's collection is truely a treasure trove and will lead to new discoveries for some time to come.

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