25,000 Insects Databased

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Image for 25,000 Insects Databased
David Bettman and volunteer Stacy Stonehocker working on dung beetles

NSF grants make collections data publicly available

Today we passed the mark of 25,000 databased insect specimens, thanks to our wonderful, efficient and indefatigable volunteers and our grant-funded assistants, David Bettman and Chris Grinter. Supported by two grants of the National Science Foundation, we are transferring label data of scientific specimens to a publicly available database. This data (species and where, when, and by whom they were collected) can be explored through the data portal of the Southwest Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN), which collectively provides the data of 18 collections from the American Southwest. We are currently adding more than 1000 specimens per week to the database, and expect to pass the 100,000 mark sometime in April or May 2015.

The photo shows David Bettman and volunteer Stacey Stonehocker working on dung beetles.

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