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  • A great thing about being a scientist is working with collaborations and forging a timely and effective partnership. Truly, the Health Sciences Department here at the Museum could not exist without these key partners.   This week, Yo Pearl salutes Dr. Bev Tepper, an esteemed nutritio…
  • Not far from the Museum you can find 5th graders kicking butt and taking names as they combine art, technology and science as part of an awesome animation project at the Colorado nonprofit Gold Crown Foundation.   Do yourself a favor and learn about HIA (akin to DIA) the H…
  • I'm a microbiologist at heart, and a card-carrying member of the American Society for Microbiology. Both excellent reasons to explain why I get the publication MICROBE. But I've been back logged on my science reading the last few months and just got to the September issue that was buried…
  • Visit from Guatemala

    Posted 12/02/2011 by Frank Krell | Comments
    From 30 November to 4 December, Enio Cano from Guatemala visited DMNS. He is curator of the arthropod collection of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and an expert of bess beetles (Passalidae) and Rutelinae. We invited him with a stipend from the Lloyd David and Carlye Cannon Wattis Found…
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