Fossil Micro-Preparation

The Department of Earth Sciences oversees several labs at the Museum that actively prepare new finds from all over the Rocky Mountain Region, and the world, for research, education, and exhibition. Of the many of the fossils currently being prepared, many are new to science! The labs include the Schlessman Family Earth Sciences Laboratory, situated at the end of the award winning Prehistoric Journey exhibition on the third floor and visible to Museum visitors, and a new behind-the-scenes lab in the Avenir Collections Center. In these state-of-the-art facilities one can see volunteers and staff preparing fossil material collected by Museum curators from localities like Colorado, Utah, Montana, and even Madagascar.

We are seeking individuals to volunteer in our Fossil Prep Lab to work on small-scale vertebrate fossils under a microscope. Applicants are required to attend all training sessions, successfully complete 20 hours of practicum work, and commit to a minimum of 20 volunteer shifts per year, before being accepted as a volunteer in the Fossil Preparation Lab.

Required Skills
•    Fine motor skills
•    Excellent hand-eye coordination
•    Ability to sit at a microscope for a long duration of time
•    Attention to small-scale details
•    Ability to follow instructions and to ask for clarification/instructions whenever necessary
•    Patience and precision
•    Past experience working under a microscope is a plus, but not required

Applicants must be able to volunteer for one four hour shift per week with a minimum of 20 shifts within one year. Shifts are available seven days a week between 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. The scheduling of shift days and times will take place on a case-by-case basis pending acceptance as a lab volunteer.

Minimum Age Requirements
Available to individual applicants 18 or older

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