Board of Trustees and Executive Profiles

2015 Board of Trustees

Chair: J. Wayne Hutchens
Vice chair: Donna L. Lynne

Sue E. Anschutz-Rodgers, Lisa Levin Appel, Christopher S. Chavez, Montgomery C. Cleworth, James H. Crocker, Peter A. Dea, John E. Freyer, Henry H. Gordon, Allegra “Happy” Haynes, Cary Kennedy, Walter A. Koelbel Jr., John M. Levisay, David L. Liniger, Harold R. Logan Jr., Anne M. McCarthy, Stephen G. McConahey, Susan B. McIntire, Carrie A. Morgridge, Timothy M. Ryan, Mark S. Sexton, Thomas W. Swanson, M. Ray Thomasson, Leo M. Tilman, Edward M. Warner.


Board of Trustees in the Avenir Collections Center. From left: M. Cleworth, W. Hutchens, H. Gordon, L. Tilman, H. Logan, A. Haynes, P. Dea, L. Appel, J. Freyer, E. Warner, T. Ryan, W. Koelbel, S. McConahey, T. Swanson, C. Kennedy, M. Sexton.

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